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Fritted glass pattern challenge

What better way than to use design to solve a problem?

Patient privacy is of upmost importance for Dermasurgery Center (and so is comfort and well-being). Most of the treatment rooms are arranged on the perimeter of the building so we could bring natural light in and provide views of the outside to the patients. But with that arrangement comes the uninvited challenge of the views to the inside, as well.

Unsatisfied with the idea of adding window shades simply to maintain privacy, we've studied ways in which we could add fritted glass windows to the building, combined with the right reflective glass specification, as a way to preserve views of the outside without hindering the privacy of the patient in the room.

Here are the beginning sketches and studies of the fritted pattern to be added to the first floor storefront windows.

What started off as a very graphic, hard-lined exercise (on the right), quickly evolved into a more organic and natural approach (on the left) as a way to pay homage to the bamboo screen that existed on site prior to demolition. I'll reveal the pattern when the mock up is ready. Stay tuned!

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