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Interiors (and final flooring!)

The long awaited floors are in (for the most part)! And so is the final paint. And the cabinets. And the skylight... Oh the skylight... (or shall we say, lightwell?).

The LVT option does not disappoint and I am happy with the decision to go with lighter floors. Although the pictures are very deceiving, as they show a much busier pattern than appears to the eye, the undertones in these light floors make the perfect bridge between the doors and cabinet laminates, bringing harmony between built-ins and walls. I have no doubt that this simple palette feels harmonious and timeless and will feel fresh for many years to come!

It doesn't take much to fall in love with the waiting room, lobby area, and cosmetic suite! The simple layout allowed for the showcase of natural materials, such as wood paneling, limestone walls, and terrazzo floors. Coupled with the "picture-frame" view of the large live oak tree outside and a cozy fireplace inside, these materials bring sophistication and warmth to the space, making it welcoming and comfortable for patients and their families. This is one area that I come back to at every site visit. It never gets old.

Looking forward to seeing carpet, furniture, signage, and art (Items we will see in professional photos).

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