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LVT Flooring drama (continued)

After a couple of weeks of deliberation and much consideration, we decided to move forward with the lighter floors only to find out that we could not make the production time to have this floor shipped and installed prior to our scheduled punch list walk through on December 12th. What do we now??? I simply cannot believe we've spent so much time contemplating a flooring option that had a cap on production scheduled to begin tomorrow. (My understanding was that, as long as we put in the order for this material by November 10th, we would be able to make the production and delivery in time for installation in the first week of December).

With only a few days to decide on what to order, a couple of options remained:

1. we could revert back to the walnut contender since the quantity we need is in stock, or

2. call every flooring rep we know and ask for ready-to-ship, in stock, flooring options that most closely match the fruitwood natural we had our minds (and heart) set on.

3. stick with the fruitwood option and plan to move in late January 2018.

We went with number 2 and contacted so many flooring manufacturers! Here are all the options shipped to us in a matter of one to two days. Can you tell which one is the fruitwood natural?


Not shown in this picture, is the flooring option below I really liked. It brings warmth without too much contrast and it has the same undertones as the white maple floors and blonde echo laminates. Once again uncertain of foregoing the design intent in favor of a practical flooring option, even if just as beautiful, I decided to wait a few days and not rush the decision. A vital part of making educated design decisions sometimes is knowing when to exercise restraint by taking a break from looking at all these materials. In the end, we were looking at deciding on a floor that was only going to be produced in January or another that was ready to ship. If the ready-to-ship was going to be installed in December, I figured I had a week or so to ruminate on the decision. So I did, without stress. I wanted to clear my head and come back to these two options below with a fresh and open mind.

Less that a week later, to my surprise, I'm informed that the fruitwood natural was going to make production! Whew!! We will stay on course with what was intended from the get go! Yes, the get go! But that is another story...

Here's a better image of what we expect the floors to look like. In other words, a perfect match!

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