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Grey skies, endless rain.

It has been a hot and wet summer, and so, water continues to pond in front of the property backing up and flooding the oak tree. It turns out, the problem was not caused by a simple clogged city drainage pipe after all. Water has been making its way back to the site in what seems to be its natural course towards the ditch along the train tracks in the back. Civil engineers and arborists have been called to duty so we can come up with a plan that can be put into action right away. Unfortunately, right away has actually meant a solid month. We just now have heard that the LADOTD is going to allow us to tie into their drainage system under Perkins Road. Let's see how long it'll take before the amended permit gets issued.

In the meantime, the owner has been manning the pump every chance he gets in a great effort to save this tree. In spite of the discouraging image below, the tree still lives!

On the bright side, stucco work is completed and, with more pavement around the site, we finally can get around the building without sinking in mud! Check out the progress photos below!

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